Baptism RSVP

Baptisms: Sunday July 31, 2022 in CHL and GLB


Baptisms will take place: Sunday, July 31, 2022 during the 9:00 am service at GLB for kids/teens/adults and during the 9:00, am, 10:30 am, and 12:00pm service in CHL for teens/adults.

*Kid'sWay in CHL will be having a special baptism for kids during the 10:30 am at the CHL campus. Please RSVP for this service by using the Kid'sWay baptism form. 

  • Wear jeans, athletic pants/shorts, or swimsuit shorts (Remember whatever you are wearing will get wet! Please refrain from wearing anything too form-fitting). 
  • You will be given a t-shirt and towel that day as well as a bag for wet items. 
  • Bring a change of dry clothes.  
  • Know your testimony will impact people's lives! The story you provided on your form will be read out loud by the person baptizing you prior to your baptism.  
  • It is normal to be emotional and nervous! We will help you through every step of the day, including getting in and out of the baptismal tank. 

Your Information

Your Story

Please briefly share with us your story of what Christ has done in your life and why you are making a decision to be baptized today! (Please share something that could be read out loud in 60 seconds or less).


This will be read out loud to the congregation before you are baptized!